sábado, 26 de junio de 2010


I keep thinking. I do not want to leave but I will not lose the only thing that I have fought, if I have to go mmmmm. I will not lose the things that really saved me, what makes me happy, what I cling to life. But apparently three years of my life I've only been against the current, I will not let my great treasure mediocre and stupid people. If you want to go to the bottom to be, I will not reach out, are free to make your life.

I'm tired, I do not understand, I just know I love you, I know because I had never felt with anyone what I feel for you. My mother and sister, in fact all people say they do not know what is love, but you always think if they know what it is to love or is it just animal instinct?. It frustrates me the idea of knowing that you feel something strong for me, but do not do anything to be with me. I come to think that I'm wrong and that only animal desire to feel that the other people when they like someone, but it is only that, the physical pleasure, the pleasure of feeling the other person and only that.

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